Welcome To The Project!

Hello there one and all!

The following posts will be a journey through my ever expanding record collection, charting the albums that have accumulated in my life through various means.

I will be reviewing each of these little gems and discussing their merits, mainly for reasons of self indulgence, but also, hopefully, so that my readers might be able to grow in their appreciation of music and perhaps be more discerning in their tastes.

Some things to say about me at the outset: I have incredibly varied tastes in music. I have in my stacks of records everything from jazz to classical to death metal to funk-pop, so the project here is not about me trying to force my musical preferences on to the unsuspecting public or to disparage people who are fans of particular genres over others, but rather to provide a place for comment on the music and music makers that have come across my path.

As varied as my collection is it is also not complete. There may be gaping holes in places and areas which have been packed so full as to the point of nonsense (my collection of David Bowie records for instance). And if there is something you’d desperately like to hear me rant about or think I absolutely must listen to, just use the appropriate channels to let me know. Same thing goes for if you disagree with my opinions (but, hey, let’s keep this civil guys).

Great! I hope you’re all looking forward to my rambling journey through the dusty piles of records taking up ridiculous amounts of space throughout my tiny apartment.

Cheers, Lachlan J.


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