Drink ‘Til We Die – Lagerstein

2012 – Independent
Lagerstein are an Australian metal band based in Brisbane. Basically the whole point of the band is that they are a bunch of young men pretending to be eighteenth century alcoholic pirates aboard a flying pirate ship, playing music based around this theme.

This independently produced debut album by the silly six-piece takes this idea and runs with it until it gets pretty annoying. The joke (and, yes it is a joke) gets stale after about the second track. I get it! You are pirates and you like beer! A single might have been fine, but honestly a ten track album is just ridiculous.

Dreaded Skies and Pirate Music Piracy were fun little romps, but, as I said before, the other eight tracks are just repeats of these two ditties. In fact, while listening to this record I often had to check the sleeve just to determine what song was actually playing.

The music itself is okay, but far from great, as they play around with pretty standard metal arrangements. Occasionally a little bit of folk creeps in and livens the whole thing up, but these instances are few and far between which makes the album rather boring. Their technical proficiency and tightness in playing is commendable, but isn’t particularly special in terms of metal music and it’s really no-where near good enough to drag this record out of its repetitive doldrums.

Something must be said, however, for Ultralord’s (the chosen name of the lead singer) gravelly pirate impersonation, but once again the charm of this joke just doesn’t last very long.

For me the highlight of this album was actually the hidden track which comprises of a mash-up of covers of I’m On A Boat (The Lonely Island) and Beer (Reel Big Fish). Even this isn’t very good, but it is a welcome change of pace after the glut of mediocre sea-faring fare that came before.

Maybe if you’re as drunk as the band say they are you’ll be able to get through the whole record, but even then I doubt it.



And here is one of the less awful tracks from the album.


2 thoughts on “Drink ‘Til We Die – Lagerstein

  1. The Lagerstein crew have read my review and corrected me on one slight error.
    They are not pretending to be eighteenh century alcohlic pirates, but are, in fact, actually real eighteenth century alcoholic pirates.
    I’m dubious about the factuality of this claim, but I was told by the band themselves…. so there you go.

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