Revenge – Eurythmics

1986 – RCA

New Wave/ Pop

Revenge is the fifth studio album produced by eighties icons Eurythmics, and, after a good long listen I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s okay. Annie Lennox’s voice is as powerful and on key as ever and Dave Stewart’s music is right on top of the eighties pop-band wagon, but it’s definitely not the world’s strongest album.

Missionary Man is a really great start with its pounding beat and wailing blues harmonica. It got me pumped up and excited for the rest of the record, but unfortunately this instant hit was followed up with a whole load of mediocre tunes. The saxophone solos and sixties pop melodies of Thorn In My Side come off as a bit cheesy and make it all a bit laughable, even though it is incredibly catchy. And while When Tomorrow Comes and The Miracle Of Love are fine as background pop they sound a bit tired and give the listener nothing to hold onto and play with.

Where this album finds its strength is in the more upbeat danceable numbers like A Little Of You and Lets Go! These tracks are musically much more interesting than the recycled retro-pop lines that come before and Lennox’s voice has a chance to show off its mighty strength. It seems to me that her vocals were really not built for softly sung tenderness.

Coming into this record I was hoping for something like the darkness and complexity of Sweet Dreams, and everything seemed promising at the start, but, as I mentioned earlier, it drops pretty radically. It picks up much later on with In This Town and I Remember You, which really are great songs, but by then it’s too late as these are the final two tracks. What I got here was three good tracks on either side of seven okay ones. All in all, I was a bit disappointed.

In conclusion this record is pretty average. It’s very good in bits, just plain good in bits, and verging on tedious in many other bits. There’s not really much else to say about it, because there’s not really that much in it – it just kind of plays through without the listener really noticing it all that much.

RATING: **/5

This instant hit is definitely one of the stand out tracks from Eurythmics’ Revenge


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