Snuts – LeSuits

2013 – Independent

Alternative/ Funk-Rock/ Metal/ Hard Rock

Brisbane based band Le Suits’ second EP is much more hard-edged and studio manipulated than their debut EP Phone Home, but that’s not a bad thing. The metal influences of the band come to the fore on many of the tracks like Pork and E.A.T.R, but this isn’t to say that they have lost the funk element that was characteristic of their last release. The horns and the bass are as jumpy and funky as ever despite what the crashing drums and relentlessly churning power chords say.

The more highly produced sound of this EP also works to really show off what the band can do. Requiem for example makes masterful use of vocal filters and what I assume is a Theremin to create a strangely robotic dystopia. Really this release just comes across as much nicer sounding than EP Phone Home even though the music isn’t all that much different.

One can also hear the amazing amount of fun the band is having while recording this especially in tracks like Nipple which is rife with the group’s characteristic weirdness. It’s just kind of hard to resist that little smile that creeps across your face when, amidst the chaotic darkness of the music, vocalist Ben Mackay calmly informs the listener “Ladies and Gentlemen, I believe I’m on fire.”

One downside to Snuts is the band’s tendency to let their oddness and fun spill out of the background of tracks and into what I can only describe as joke mini-tracks. For example the horrendously auto-tuned epilogue to Nipple which describes how “bitches got withdrawals from my balls” is slightly amusing at first, but then just gets annoying, and it breaks up the flow of an EP which (like most EPs) is just that little bit too short. These (not particularly funny) jokes aren’t all that common at least and the overall feel of the thing is that the band have gotten their act together a bit since the last EP and have really honed their sound.

Once again I would say that LeSuits are a band to keep an eye out for. I don’t think they’ve toured outside of Australia just yet, or that they have any plans to in the near future, but their music is definitely available worldwide (oh, the glory of the internet). If silliness, blasting horns, and tongue-in-cheek metal music is your bag then, once again, Le Suits is a name you need to keep in your music loving mind.

RATING: ****/5

One of the great tracks off LeSuits’ second EP ‘Snuts’.
Also the band’s first film clip.


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