Your Ticket To The Rockabilly Roadtrip

rocakbilly roadtrip ticket

Hello dear readers! Step right up and take your ticket to board the Rockabilly Roadtrip Party Bus!

That’s right! Each Friday it’s time for you and I take a little journey through time and space to look through the history of one of the most important and interesting of musical styles that has graced this green Earth starting from the very beginnings, stopping at various sites and attractions along the way, and eventually ending up with what rockabilly means and has become in the world of today.

The bus shall be leaving next week after everybody is safely aboard and we shall be starting our little tour where most good stories start: the beginning. We’ll have a good look at where this marvellous form of music came from and what it meant to the world at the time. From there we will be travelling all over the United States and even across the globe to look at things like the magic of Sun Studios, what place women had in rockabilly, the concept of ‘real-gone’, the neo-rockabilly revival, the birth of psychobilly, and all manner of other little tidbits.

            We will be looking at everything and anything that catches this writers interest when it comes to rockabilly music and rockabilly culture; researching particular artists, places, songs, and cultural significances. We will be roving through history to see why this spectre of youthful rebellion seems to rear its greasy quiffed head again and again across the generations. What makes rockabilly so exciting? What makes it so entertaining? What makes it so dangerously alluring? These are the questions that we will be asking, and these are the questions to which we shall hopefully find some answers.

Now, some of you may be asking, “but what about you regular schedule of music reviews Mr. Lachlan J?” This is a valid concern, but have no fear, for we shall only be having stops along the Rockabilly Roadtrip each Friday in place of my regular schedule of reviews or other music related articles. I will still be continuing on with my regular work of going through my ever growing record collection and giving you appraisals and recommendations on that front.

Well, that’s it for this week then. I hope that I will see you all again next Friday with your blued suede shoes on all ready to get set and go!

Stay Tuned for next week’s stop on the Rockabilly Roadtrip: Everything Has To Start Somewhere! And in the meantime I will leave you with this fabulous little track just to whet your appetite.

And for a little bit of contrast there’s also this


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