A Change To The Rating System

Up to this point my reviews have been graded with a mark out of five stars. I have found, however, this this system doesn’t have enough in the way of nuance for my needs and so I have made an executive decision to switch over to a different system.

This new system is based on the school grades system and is as follows:

F  Absolutely awful. Do not bother.

D- Very Poor


D+ Many issues with the album, but still listenable.

C- Average, but with many issues.


C+ Higher side of average

B- Lower side of good.


B+ Very good, but still has some issues.

A- Excellent, but with some issues.

Excellent record

A+ Perfect record

The changes will take effect after the current round of reviews is finished (that is after the review for Kings Of The Wild Frontier by Adam and The Ants is published).

I hope it isn’t all too confusing.


Lachlan J,


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