New Release Music In October


Well a whole month of music has now been and gone, but, as always, I am still on the lookout for new music to listen to a review.

So I’ve compiled a little list of things that have caught my attention and which I am eagerly waiting to rush out to record store and purchase when they come out.

This is what you will be getting in the month to come:


(One of these records was actually released during September, but I didn’t have time in my New Music Monday schedule of that month to include it, so it’s been carried over to October)

Fortress by Alter Bridge 

(released 30th September on Roadrunner)

Deltron 3030: Event II by Deltron 3030 

(released 1st October on EMI)

B-Room by Dr. Dog 

(released 1st October on ANTI-)

Icon For Hire by Icon For Hire

(released 15th October on Tooth and Nails)


Innocents by Moby (released 1st October)

The Paradigm Shift by Korn (released 4th October)

Too Weird To Live, To Rare To Die by Panic! At The Disco (released 8th October)

My Name Is My Name by Pusha T (released 8th October)

Monsters In The Closet by Mayday Parade (released 8th October)

Lightning Bolt by Pearl Jam (released 14th October)

Growing Up In Public by Professor Green (released 14th October)

Uncanny Valley by The Dismemberment Plan (released 15th October)

Whales And Leeches by Red Fang (released 15th October)

Prism by Katy Perry (released 22nd October)

Burials by A.F.I (released 22nd October)

New Demons by I See Stars (released 22nd October)

The list may change as time passes, but at the moment these are the records that seem interesting to me.

If there’s anything I omitted that you think should be included please don’t hesitate to let me know!


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