Adventures In Bandcamp: Vol II (Free Throw/ Free Pizza/ Zero Progress)

Lavender Town – Free Throw

2013 – Meadowbrook Records

Emo/ Rock/ Alternative

lavender town

Beginning with a nonsense spoken interlude about a band member’s girlfriend dumping him and then moving directly into an incredibly bland and predictable track about pretty much the same subject matter, this EP was pretty disappointing right from the start. I mean, the lyrics are awful, the production is subpar, and the music itself is the same stuff I’ve heard a million times before from every other emo band that has ever existed, but at least some of them tried to make it interesting.

Following this laughable opening track the listener is treated to the even more terrible Now With. The guitar licks are some of the most derivative I’ve heard in a while, the drum beats have no life in them, and the bass lines were so bland as to be inaudible, but the worst bit here is the truly atrocious vocals. Switching from an unconvincing juvenile whine to an attempted metal-style scream, the just-on-key vocals on this release just irritate to the point where one can’t focus on anything else but how annoying they are. I mean, the music was crap to begin with and these vocals lines (not to mention some of the most self-obsessed and worst written lyrics I’ve heard in a while) compound the whole mess until it’s almost unlistenable.

In summary I’ve got to say that Free Throw’s Lavender Town really isn’t a shining gem of the year, and definitely not of my best finds on Bandcamp. I really can’t see anything much in the future of this band, and I can’t bring myself to recommend them at all.




Get EP here:


Kool Is The Rool – Free Pizza

2011 – Boston DIY

Alternative/ Rock/ Low-Fi

kool is the rool

Quirky, irreverent, and full of a great sense of fun Free Pizza’s EP is an odd mixture of standard indie-rock guitar lines, jokingly crooned vocal melodies, and self-consciously awful production values. All in all, this mix makes for a strange listening experience which I still haven’t worked out whether or not is actually pleasant. I mean, almost every aspect of the recording is undeniably bad (the vocals are out of tune and barely audible, the music has no real structure and isn’t levelled properly at all), but it’s still somehow a whole lot of fun.

There’s just something in these five tracks that just begs you to try and dislike it, which makes it so much harder to. The time signature changes, bouncy keyboard interruptions, the slurred/shouted vocals: they’re all so on purpose that you’ve got to assume that there’s something more to this than just a load of guys who can’t play. I’m not entirely sure what is actually going on here, but I’m somewhat drawn to the idea of sticking around and seeing what else this weird band has to offer.

I mean, if they just keep on going with this nonsense then I have no doubt that they’ll remain underground, but at least they’ll be making some great and interesting music, and if they clean up their act on later releases then I’ll know that this moment of ingenuity was all just one massive fluke.




Get EP here:


Road Warriors – Zero Progress

2013 – Not Punk Records

Punk/ Hardcore/ Oi!

road warriors

Short, fast, loud, this three track hardcore EP just thrashes, crashes, and rocks its way through low-production values and mediocre playing before ending up on a great note of real punk rage. Every piece of shouted vocal, every thrash of guitar, every slam of drums; it all seems so sincere and there is such an excess of power and energy on this release to back up their anti-establishment stances.

Really what I find most exciting about this EP is its complete lack of pretension. I mean, the music is really nothing special and I’ve heard the same things done better by hardcore bands back in the eighties, but the guys from Zero Progress just don’t seem to care at all about whether or not they come across as derivative. They just want to get up there on the stage and get all of that aggression out, drink some beer, stage dive, and have a really great time, and this sense of violent good-nature just pervades the record to the extent that I, as a listener, just want to kick back and have some good old fashioned punk fun too.

My only real issue with this EP is that, at three tracks, it’s far too short. I mean, none of the tracks even hit three minutes (which is definitely not a bad thing for this kind of music), and consequently the whole experience of this EP seems to be over before it’s even begun. I guess I would have liked to be given to time to actually be able to really get into the mood of this hard-rocking release.




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8 thoughts on “Adventures In Bandcamp: Vol II (Free Throw/ Free Pizza/ Zero Progress)

  1. After enjoying Zero Progress’s EP so much and looking a bit further into the group I have discovered that they identify with the Straight Edge movement, and as such the line about beer in the review can probably be ignored.

    Lachlan J.

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