Releases Of October In Brief: Vol. II (Pusha T/ Mayday Parade/ Pearl Jam)

My Name Is My Name – Pusha T

Released 8th October on GOOD MUSIC/ Def Jam



The debut solo record from hip-hop artist Pusha T. Some of the beats are interesting, but apart from that it runs along pretty standard lines. The flow is slow and simple, the autotune is annoying as ever, and the lyrical matter centres around the same tired themes that I’ve been cringing at since the early nineties.

The same old self-aggrandizing, the same tales of drug pushing and getting out of the ghetto, and the same proclamations of artistic greatness: all very important topics, I’m sure, but there’s not really enough skill on this record to support all of the puff.

All in all, it just sounds almost exactly like every other big name hip-hop artist out there at the moment.


NOTABLE CUTS: Numbers On The Board/ Let Me Love You

TRASH: Hold On/ 40 Acres/ Who I Am/ S.N.I.T.C.H

Monsters In The Closet – Mayday Parade

Released 8th October on Fearless Records

Pop/ Rock/ Alternative


Here we go, another awful pop-rock album tarted up for all the wannabe punk teens, and the sad thing is that I’m sure they’ll eat it right up.

Musically it’s just cliché piled atop cliché with nothing in it that’s at all self-aware of sincere, and lyrically… well, let’s just say that my sock drawer could have written a more convincing collection of break-up ballads.

There was one almost interesting cut when the band tried their hand at country music and I think I may have picked out an original riff at some point, but overall I’ve got to say that Monsters In The Closet  is a real stinker.


NOTABLE CUTS: Last Night For A Table For Two/ Hold On To Me

TRASH: Girls/ 12 Through 15/ Even Robots Need Blankets/ Nothing You Can Live Without, Nothing To Do About, Angels

Lightning Bolt – Pearl Jam

Released 14th October on Monkeywrench/ Republic

Rock/ Alternative/ Grunge


Back again with a tenth album, Pearl Jam have hit the nail on the head with Lightning Bolt. The record jumps seamlessly from genre to genre while maintaining that familiar Eddie Vedder feel.

I mean, there’s some revved up Rolling Stones rhythm and blues, some Metallica thrash, a little hint of contemporary pop-rock, and even a Louisiana swamp-blues cut, and somehow this strange mix of styles doesn’t seem to make the record in anyway inconsistent. These boys just play by their own rules, which really is what rock music is all about.

A few blasé introspection rambles aside, and ignoring the fact that it’s incredibly overproduced, I’d say that Pearl Jam’s latest offering is a pretty damned good album, and there’s a lot of hard-rocking fun to be had with it.


NOTABLE CUTS: Mind Your Manners/ Lightning Bolt/ Pendulum/ Let The Records Play

TRASH: Sirens/ Yellow Moon


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