Adventures In Bandcamp: Vol. III (Spring Break ’95/ Planet Vegeta/ Isolated Cockpit)

Interstellar Vacation – Spring Break ‘95/ Planet Vegeta

2013 – Not Punk Records

Punk/ Hardcore/ Alternative/ Experimental

NOTE: As this is a split EP I shall be reviewing the two halves separately and giving a combined score at the end.

Sprin break '95

Spring Break ’95

Loud and brutal hardcore, which is a nice thing to hear, thrown in with some jungle jazz, which is rather an odd listening experience. I’ve got to say, however, this bizarre opening track certainly got me interested. Unfortunately not many of Spring Break ’95’s other tracks on this release really live up to the genre bending expectations, and instead run along the lines of wall of noise thrash-hardcore.

It’s not particularly bad, in fact, it’s rather good, but I have heard the same kind of stuff before from a whole loasd of other bands.

Tracks like Surf Rock and AC From The Hood were really something rather special in their playful irreverence and punk juvenality, and Secular Crusade is wonderfull brutal in it’s assualt, but all in all I think these boys have got a bit of a way to go before they become really great.


Planet Vegeta

More relentlessly in-your-face thrash-hardcore, but Planeta Vegeta take things in a much more grinding direction on their half of this EP.

The riffs are incredibly solid and the drums have more power in them then most things I’ve listened to recently, which was a real treat, but overall the constantly churning wall of noise made it difficult to focus fully on a lot of these tracks.

I did enjoy the occassional DIY industrial electronic loop thrown into the mix, but I get the feeling that techniques like this could have been used to much greater affect. I mean the synth lines, when they appeared, added a lot of depth and individuality to many of the tracks, but on some cuts they seemed to be used for little more than novelty purpose.

Even so, synthesizer riffs played badly along to punk rock that’s this growling is pretty awesome, and I’m pretty eager to see what Planeta Vegeta have in store for the future.



Get EP here:

Nipple Music – Isolated Cockpit

2013 – Independent

Experimental/ Alternative/ Post-Punk

isolated cockpit

Nipple Music, it sounds like fun right? Well, it ain’t. Really it’s about as much fun as if Radiohead let Thom Yorke of his leash with Trent Reznor drunkenly playing a synthesizer in the background.

Each track drags on for far too long, especially considering the fact that most of their ‘experimentalism’ on this release is more an exercise in stupidity than anything else. I mean, there’s just no rhyme or reason in these way these six cuts jump from genre to genre (never playing any one well) or the way in which they flood the aural space with a plethora of unnecessary sound. Synth wafts, minor key guitar drones, nonsensical lyrics, and whatever little tid-bits of samples they had lying around all seem to be thrown into this melting pot with absolutely no thought behind it whatsoever, and that, my friends, makes for a very poor record.

They might think they’re being clever, but all they succeed in doing is being annoying and dull.

I suppose, however, that it really isn’t the worst thing I’ve ever heard, and I’m sure there are people out there who would be able to find some kind of artistic joy in this blasé collection, but I would tend to call those people ‘pretensious hipsters’.


Get EP here:


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