Adventures In Bandcamp: Vol V (Catfish/ Scotty Lingelbach/ Chapters)

Fishcat – Catfish

2013 – Independent

Folk/ Rock


Soft, sweet, and simple: lyrically and musically this EP has a wonderful feeling of craft perfected just for fun. It harks back to some of the music from the sixties and seventies, but, unlike many of their contemporaries, aren’t a simple derivation. There is something music that conjures the simultaneous feelings of heartfelt nostalgia and well calculated modernity.

There are echoes of bands like The Triffids in their string arrangements, touches of the Beatles in melody, and a dash of Elton John in the piano rolls, but never do they come across as sounding like some sort of shameless copy. Rather, they manage to combine all of their influences into a uniquely blended and touching style.

This is a band I can see going big places in the future, with a home in both the pop world and the more sincere folk-rock circles. They are immensly catchy, unpretensious, and hold a large amount of charm in their simple sweetness.

So, in summary, Fishcat by Catfish is one of those great bandcamp finds which I really have to recommend very highly to each and every one of you.



The final track of the EP, Bird On A Wire, is NOT a cover of the Leonard Cohen tune. Both are very good songs, but I just though it bore a mention.

Get The EP Here:

Mary EP – Scotty Lingelbach

2010 – Macon Noise

Alternative/ Rock/ Folk/ Post-Punk

mary EP

Sparse, dark, and hallowing, Scotty Lingelbach’s EP attempts to create a deep feeling of loneliness and despair. Whether it achieves this is dependent of the listener, I would assume, but personally I’ve got to say that the overbearing jangling echo of sound hear in the opening title track did more to arouse my ire than it did to arouse any kind of deep seated emotional response.

The following tracks at least move away from the goth-folk heard in Mary, but still they continue on with the depressive flatness that is the feel of this entire release. Like a lazy Bright Eyes, Lingelbach just warbles his way through lyrics he thinks are deeper than they actually are and strums out the same three chord patter over and over again without any noticeable change-up.

Really, I can’t recommend this one. It’s bland, it’s poorly executed, and it’s… well, just plain old boring. I simply couldn’t bring myself to care about Lingelbach’s half-arsed depression even a little bit by the end of this album. I could muster a little sympathy towards the beginning, but after the third cut my well of giving-a-fuck about this mopey man had well and truly dried up.


Get The EP Here:

Chapters EP – Chapters

2012 – Independent

Hardcore/ Metal/ Punk


Louder than loud, more powerful than a freight train, Brisbane band Chapter’s self titled EP is an overwhelming burst of raw energy. The vocals scream out unadulterated rage atop some of the crunchiest riffs I’ve heard in a while as the drums kick and thrash their way towards total annihilation of the eardrums. Excitement abounds.

It’s not really anything new or original, but these boys certainly have perfected their chosen art. I mean, I’ve heard bands from the original wave of post-hardcore metal that doesn’t have the same fiery attack-force as the tracks found on this particular release. Jumping from an outright deluge of sludge-like slowness up to the speed-fuelled double kick characteristic of more energetic metal genres such as thrash and gear-shifting back down again with the utmost of ease, Chapters really have latched onto the most powerful and engaging aspects of the scene and brought them to the fore.

My only real issue with the EP is that, even though their melodies are wonderful when the appear out of nowhere, there aren’t quite enough of them to sustain the constant assault of noise. I mean, it just would have been nice to hear more of the craft displayed in tracks like A Day In The Life Of… It doesn’t really harm the quality of the release in any significant way, but it was something that I feel could have been used to much greater effect.

All in all, however, Chapters’ self-titled release is an amazingly powerful piece of work, and one I’m sure will become a darling gem of the Brisbane metal scene. It would be great to see these guys getting some international recognition for their abrasively brash style of playing, but I suppose only time will tell.


Get The EP Here:



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