My Top Picks Of October 2013

Greetings readers!

It seems that another month of music has come to an end, which means that it is now time for me to go back through everything I have written throughout the month and compile my list of Top Picks.

So, in no particular order, here are my recommendations from everything I’ve listened to in October:

Away With The Pixies – Ben Lee

(1995 – Fellaheen)


R.I.P Frances Bean – Moontrash

(2012 – Macon Noise)


Anniversary Session (Not Punk Session #14) – northamericans

(2013 – Not Punk)

Anniversary sessions

Hunk Dory – David Bowie

(1971 – RCA)

hunky dory

Up All Night – The Waifs

(2003 – Jarrah)


Event II – Deltron 3030

(2013 – Deltron Partners/Bulk Recordings)


Last Splash – The Breeders

(1993 – 4AD Elektra)

last splash

Eternal Nightcap – The Whitlams

(1997 – Black Yak Phantom)

eternal nightcap

Lightning Bolt – Pearl Jam

(2013 – Monkeywrench/ Republic)


And that’s it for October folks!

But make sure to join me next month as I bring you a whole new raft of reviews!


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