Adventures In Bandcamp: Vol. VI (Little Fish/ Derill Pounds/ Mickey Rickshaw)

Fishbowl Sessions EP #1 – Little Fish

2011 – Independent

Alternative/ Rock/ Acoustic

fishbowl EP

Fish Bowl’s little acoustic EP is a great rock based collection of powerful ballads and gentle strums. The music itself isn’t anything I have’t heard before, but that doesn’t really matter much when the vocals come in and hit you square between the eyes.

Her voice is right on the button melodically and the power she musters is considerable, but it’s the raw emotional potency with which she sings which is the real clincher. Like a mixture between P.J Harvey and Patti Smith (with the occasional moment of Bonnie Tyler) the lead vocalist of this little duo is just a real treat to kick back and listen to.

My qualms, however, lie in the fact that many of the tracks run on for a bit too long and wear out their welcome, and the fact that, while all the tracks are great in themselves, none of them hit full stride and become stand-outs. I mean, it just would have been nice to hear something catchy enough to be turned into a single.This might not be the case if one listened to the non-acoustic versions of these tracks, but as of yet I haven’t and this is all I have to go on. Lord’s Mistake does get close, but I would really have to listen to another version to get a proper feel for it.


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cRAPtRAP – Derill Pounds

2013 – Independent



His flow is brilliant and his beats pump and pound just like they should. One of the more exciting and better skilled rappers I’ve heard grabbing the mic in a while. It isn’t anything particularly exciting however, and each track runs along pretty much the same as the ones previous.

Nevertheless, Pounds is certainly not as stale as much of the hip-hop I’ve heard entering the charts of late.


Get Promo Here:

16 Down and Back Again – Mickey Rickshaw

2013 – Independent

Folk/ Punk

 mickey rickshaw

Raucous and wild, Rickshaw’s Celtic rants and reels mix perfectly with his drunken punk rage and form as music so physically invigorating that it’s damned near impossible not to tap your toes or jig about the room in a whirlwind frenzy.

More punk than The Pogues, but more folk than Dropkick Murphy’s his style avoids falling into cliché with deftness and skill. Guitars buzzing around with an aggressive feedback, banjos twinkling a whisky fuelled jangle, tin whistle providing a demented banshee howl, and vocals rasping and growling with the rum soaked fury of an eighteenth century pirate caricature, the stage is set for all sorts of chaos and nonsense.

Now, I’m not going to pretend like I haven’t heard anybody mix Irish folk, sea shanties, and punk rock before, but I will say that Mickey Rickshaw’s particular brand of the well worn shamrock-rock is one of the best executed I’ve heard in a long while. This one is a definition recommendation for all of you enthused by the wonders that lurk in the depths of Bandcamp.


I can only imagine what kind of craziness this man would have to offer in a live setting. I’d keep an eye out for gigs if I were you.


Get EP Here:


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