Releases Of November In Brief: Vol. I (Avril Lavigne/Tinie Tempah/The Wanted)

Avril Lavigne – Avril Lavigne

Released 1st November on Epic

Pop/ Rock/ Punk/ Electronic


Well, punk it ain’t no matter what she says, but for catchy hooks and singalong choruses you can’t fault the hangaround poseur. She sings with gusto even if I don’t believe her when she sings Rock n Roll.

The young’uns will love it, and the sense of righteous indignation is so juvenile and innoffensive that it won’t be too threatening to those parents who get scared when their kids experiment with the eyeliner.

For real music fans, however, it has its moments of charm, but Lavigne certainly hasn’t produced anything that you’ll want to hand down through the generations.

NOTABLE CUTS: Here’s To Never Growing Up/ Bad Girl/ Hello Kitty/

TRASH: 17/ Let Me Go/ You Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet/ Falling fast



Chad Kroger’s presence is awful as ever, but guest appearance by Marilyn Manson is welcomly amusing. Not to mention his heavy addition being one of the highlights of the record.

Demonstration – Tinie Tempah

Released 1st November on Parlophone

Hip-Hop/ Electronic


Tempah’s flow and sincerity is great to hear, and his intricate compositions for beats are splendid in these days when drum ‘n’ bass with not much else tends to dominate the rap scene.

Glitch, trap, electronicore, dubstep, and whatever other genre he feels like – he knows what he’s doing and he’s doing well. It’s not going to shatter anyone’s faith, but at least it’s more interesting that all the other records doing the rounds, even if it does tend to get a bit repetitive towards the end.

I think I’m going to have to look more and more to Britain for my hip-hop indulgence now that the States seems to have gotten so stale.

NOTABLE CUTS: Someday/ Don’t Sell Out/ It’s OK/ A Heart Can Save The World/ 5 Minutes

TRASH: Looking Down The Barrel/ Shape


NOTE: Interesting record. Worth another listen. Will revisit at a later date.

Word Of Mouth – The Wanted

Releases 4th November on Island



Just awful. Every cut sounds the same as the last it didn’t even sound good to begin with.

Not one iota of originality, nor real skill or talent, and autotune is not a substitute for singing. Not to mention that they don’t even have the force or energy to actually back up their ‘party attitudes’. I just don’t believe that these boys even know how to have fun.

Really it’s just the blandest and most unamusing records I’ve heard in a long while.


TRASH: Everything.



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