Adventures In Bandcamp: Vol VII (HR/Bad Times/The Creepy Little Legs)

Never EP – HR

2013 – Independent

Post-Punk/ Post-Rock/ Industrial


Cold, eerie, deliciously spacious, and immaculately produced HR’s Never shifts effortlessly between Clan Of Xymox occult whispers and NIN churn. It doesn’t instantly grab you by the throat, but there’s a lot to sink your teeth into with this EP. A mass of texture and a deep pool of soundscaping to hold the listener’s interest for all five cuts.

I suppose it’s not going to please everybody, but for all those dyed-black-in-the-woll goths out there who are missing their late eighties heyday this is exactly the EP for you. The nightmare-dreampop is dark and sensual in just the right way, and he never devolves into the realm of schlock like so many bands of this ilk tend to do.

I summary, Never is definitely worth a listen if you’ve got the time to actually sit down and pay attention to some finely executed music and composition. A lucky find on my travels through bandcamp, I’m glad I stopped for the experience.


Get The EP Here:

Post Punk Depression – Bad Times

2011 – Independent

Post-Punk/ Alternative

post punk depression

Joy Division’s jangly drone mixed with R.E.M’s melodic sensibilities and a sprinkle of B52s funk when they feel like it. Bad Times’ EP flips moods and shifts gears with such a rapid pace that it constantly keeps you on your toes. The trick is, however, that they’re not actually inconsistent. No, they seem to just enjoy fucking with you, and I’ve got to say that I enjoyed it too.

These boys have enough real attitude and good-humour to hold all this garage blare together. The enjoyment they derive from playing is audible in each fumbling guitar strum and droned vocal line, and when that much fun is being had by the band it’s hard for the listener not to get into the whole thing as well.

For good times get Bad Times. Really, get the EP and just have yourself some fun.


Get The EP Here:

Awww Shit! It’s Creepy Little Legs (Live From The Creepy Little Studio) – Creepy Little Legs

2011 – Shippop Recordings

Alternative/ Rock

creepy little legs

You think that coming live from an actual studio they might have put some effort into making the levelling on this release such that it is listenable. I mean, the vocals are so muffled and distant sounding that you can’t make out one single word, and the drums are so overpowering that whatever half-baked riffs they’ve written are drowned out in a mediocre pound of snare and symbol.

Apart from this they basically play covers that they have written themselves. They think they’re Nirvana, they think they’re Joy Division, they think they’re The Lemonheads and they most certainly are not any of these things. Neither are they cute, funny, intelligent, or talented.

Sure, they play fine for a bunch of kids fucking around in the basement, but maybe when they decide to become actual musicians I’ll give them a bit more time.


Get The EP Here:


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