Holiday Break

Well friends and followers, it’s been a long and exciting year for Lachlan J. Faces The Music, and I hope you all had as much fun reading my writings as I did putting them all together, but now it is time that I took a break out from the reviewing scene.

As it is now the final month of the year I have decided to break the usual schedule of a review every day. I will be back sometime early next year, but for now updates will be scarce.

I will be putting together the picks of the year’s best, so you all have that to look forward to, but there won’t be any fresh reviews for a little while.

Of course there are probably a whole load of reviews and writings in the over three hundred things I have reviewed so far that you have not yet read, so that should hopefully keep you all busy until I return. Just have a look at the links found at the top of the page.

See you all next year!

Lachlan J.


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