Lachlan J.

Well, hi there readers. My name is Lachlan J. and it appears that you’re trying to find out a little bit more about me.

Well, first and foremost I am a music lover, which is the main reason I do what I do. Secondly, it’s probably good to note that I am currently finishing off my degrees in popular music studies and film studies before I go on to do my postgraduate work. So, contrary to much popular belief, I actually do have some small idea what I’m talking about here. Also, in my spare time I write academic papers on popular music, film, and criticism in general.

I’ve been listening to music and been a discerning music fan for pretty much most of my life, and in that time I have built up a sizeable record collection. And it’s still growing daily. There’s a lot of really great records in the collection, some not so great ones, some awful ones, and a whole lot that I really have no idea where or why I ever got them (e.g the entire discography of Smokie).

Oh yeah, and one question that I’ve been asked a lot and should probably answer.

What kind of music do you like/hate?

That’s an important question, because criticism is not a science and of course my own personal preferences are going to creep in here a lot. So let me start off by saying that I have pretty broad taste in music. I mean, my record collection runs from Sinatra through to Slipknot. I guess, however, if I had to choose some genres that I really like, I’d have to say that punk gets me going (real punk, not poseur), and I’m a big fan of raw energy and power in music.

What I don’t like is show-offs, prog, technical trickery, and gloating. I think that rock music should be arresting and really grab you, not go on for twenty minutes of guitar effects and drum solos and bore me to death. Of course there are always exceptions (there are some incredibly skilled metal guitarists out there of whom I’m fond, for example), but as a general rule someone’s technical proficiency is not what impresses me.

I also like folk music, except when it’s just an excuse to complain about your first world problems, and hip-hop, except when it becomes a mere glorification of sexism and capitalist culture.

Oh, and jazz (Chet Baker/ Dizzy Gillespie/ Charlie Parker) and classical (Mozart [the operas mainly], Vivaldi, and Saint Saens), but I don’t really have the in depth knowledge to talk much about either of these genres on this site.

And did I mention intellect-wanks? I hate musicians who think they’re too smart for me. They rarely are.

So that’s pretty much all there is to know about me.

I hope you enjoy reading.


Lachlan J.



If you’re at all interested in reading my writings on anything and everything outside of music, you can always have a look at the sister site: Lachlan J. Faces The World


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