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Icon For Hire

  • Icon For Hire (2013 Tooth And Nail) Loud, fast, catchy, and fun. They’re not really punk and they’re not really metal, but what they are is pleasing to the ears while still maintaining a sense of raw energy. B

Natalie Imbruglia

Insane Clown Posse

  • The Great Milenko (1997 Psychopathic) The third in a series of concept albums by two white guys who dress up as clowns and attempt to rap about god and murder. Yes, it’s just as stupid as it sounds. Wouldn’t recommend. **

Iron On

  • The Understudy EP (2003 Ruth Street) Alternative pop-rock that’s been so carefully calculated and constructed in order to appeal to my ‘indie’ sensibilities that it annoyed me immensely. Can’t really recommend this one. **

Isolated Cockpit


Jessie J

Elton John

  • The Diving Board (2013 Captiol/Mercury) Thirty-one albums in and Elton John is back with a record that would have been average in the seventies. There’s some moments of originality scattered around, but overall it’s pretty dull. Indifferent. C

The John Butler Trio

  • Sunrise Over Sea (2004 Jarrah) One of the best guitarists the pluck the strings and he’s not even a show-off about it. The man has my respect. Not to mention the fact that he plays a damn fine tune. A

Robert Johnson


Natalia Kills

Kings Of Leon

  • Mechanical Bull (2013 RCA) Incredibly dull. Might have sounded fresh in the sixties, but even then I don’t think so. Wouldn’t bother. D+



The Kt26ers



Lady Gaga

  • ARTPOP (2013 Streamline/Interscope) Currently completing her transition into a boring Madonna clone, Gaga seems to have lost her edge. It’s dancey as all get-up, but certainly nothing to write home about. C+


Avril Lavigne

  • Avril Lavigne (2013 Epic) It’s a pretty standard pop album with the occasional moment of inspiration. None of that comes from Kroger and only a little comes from the duet with Manson. D+

Rosie Ledet

Ben Lee


Scotty Lingelbach

  • Mary EP (2010 Macon Noise) Daft and brooding, this gothic-folk whine of an EP is as unimpressive as it is deperessing. No matter how much he bitches and drones, I just can’t bring myself to care about Lingelbach’s problems. D+

Andrew Lipps

Little Fish


Mayday Parade


  • Matangi (2013 N.E.E.T/Interscope) A brilliant release. Bitingly political and incredibly musically exciting and intelligent. A breath of fresh air for hip-hop. A+


  • Innocents (2013 Little Idiot/Mute) A multi-layered affair of moody electronic music. Occasionally he gets catchy, which is nice, but at least it doesn’t actually annoy. C+

Michael Monroe

  • Horns And Halos (2013 Spinefarm) Just passed fifty and Monroe is back with the same hair metal nonsense he was churning out in his glory days with Hanoi Rocks. Points for consistency and for some good solid riffs, but on the whole this record is tired and wouldn’t even have sounded good if it was released in the eighties when it would have been relevant. Wouldn’t bother. **


The Mouldy Lovers

  • Yonder Ruckus (2013 Independent) The band have sorted out their sound and it really is remarkable. Unfortunately they still haven’t figured out if they’re meant to be a joke or not. Still a ton of fun. Heartily recommend. ****


Nine Inch Nails

  • Hesitation Marks (2013 Columbia) Trent Reznor has finally hit back with what might be the band’s best record since The Downward Spiral. Catchy, fun dark, and disco with a healthy sense of history and irony. One of the best releases of the year. Would definitely recommend. ****



Colin O’Donnell

Gavin Osbourne


Panic! At The Disco


  • Wowee Zowee (1995 Matador) They think they’re so counter-cutlture, but they’re really just an okay rock group. Indifferent. ***

Pearl Jam

Katy Perry

  • Prism (2013 Capitol) It’s unoriginal and I’ve heard it all before, but Perry’s dancey rhythms and hooks are undeniably catchy. Sure to get you on your feet, even if you don’t like it. C-


  • Loud Like Love (2013 Universal) The band is back with another album just like all the rest. The music is solid and there’s some witty moments, but overall the teenage cliches that pass for lyrics are the real ruiner of this one. Indifferent. ***

Planet Ragtime

Planet Vegeta

The Plywood Staircases

The Pogues

Polar Bear Club

  • Death Chorus (2013 Rise) Post-hardcore is weird to me, but these guys do play well and don’t annoy too much. Would have been nice to hear a proper riff ocassionally. C+

Iggy Pop

Derill Pounds

Prince and The New Power Generation

Public Enemy

Pusha T



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