Next Time!

I will be travelling back to the eighties and listening to the Violent Femmes’ album Hallowed Ground. Stay tuned and stay snug! Advertisements

No Music From Hecate

Unfortunately I couldn’t locate any music from Hecate’s EP to play for you. Instead, here is the record cover for another Australian EP. I will be reviewing Riffs from The Grave a double EP from 13 Stitches and Tropical Vampirates next time. Stay tuned!

Hecate EP – Hecate

1996 – Rock and Roll High School Records Riot Grrrl Today I listened to the self-titled debut EP from Brisbane based riot grrrl band Hecate, who have now, sadly, broken up. The record is grungy, unashamedly political, and harsh, but it really makes for some great listening. It opens with the track By Myself; a…

Having Some Trouble

Hey guys, Next time I will be listening to the self titled debut EP by Brisbane based Riot Grrrl band Hecate. The group never hit the big time so I’m having some trouble getting the record cover for you guys, but I might go take a sneaky photo of the sleeve in a minute or…

Best Of What?

When I walk into my local record purveyor I notice something that I feel really needs to be discussed, namely the huge amount of “best ofs” that sit on the shelves nestled in with the rest of a band or artist’s discography. What are we music fans to make of this? Are they a brilliant…